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Last update: As youíve likely heard, I recently (with the aid of a tax refund) purchased Twitter, prompting hysterical responses from some of its more deranged denizens. Be not worried; my plan is to sell user data, shut the whole operation down before long, and invest the proceeds in colonizing our solar system, or at least buying more Mystery Science Theater DVDs. Just FYI, and Iím sure the inflamed neurotics can "move to Canada" on some other platform. [This joke is not on the real purchaser, just to be clear.]

In real news, Iím still healing from last monthís eye surgery, the seventh in the last year and a half. Still have a bunch of stuff to finish writing/editing, which I have been very eager to complete amidst the debilitation. The problem with one batch is that I want to put it all online at once, rather than piecemeal. I aim to get there. Thanks for the comments and patience.

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